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2013 State Champs
Men’s 20s
Men’s T League Photo

National (Schools) Touch Titles

SWQ Touch congratulates the Qld teams who went through undefeated at the National (Schools) Touch titles held recently in Mandurah, Western Australia. Pictured below are the Toowoomba members of those teams:

Toowoomba Players - Mandurah - Copy

(From left to right) 

Lauren Potter (12 Girls Coach); Emily Ward  (15 Girls); Courtney
Middleton (12 Girls); Teketel Tyson (15 Boys); Lachlan Watt (15 Boys); 
Demi Ashurst (12 Girls); Jay Scofield (12 Boys)

Men’s 40s Team – 2017 NTL

Congratulations to the following players on being selected in our Men’s 40s team for the 2017 NTL:

Neil Ward (C); Craig Neilan (VC); Ken Ward; Chris Neville;
Tony Klein; Shane Simmons; Mark Delaney; Michael Ashurst;
Bailey Garcha; Dave Campbell; Dave Bowtell; Michael Crook;
Greg Lisle; Kevin Flett

Shadows: Troy Adamson and Brad Young

Coach: Kev Flett
Asst Coach: Neil Ward

SWQ Touch Teams – 2017 NTL

Congratulations to the following players on being selected to represent SWQ Swans at next year’s NTL:

Open Mixed A

(Listed in no particular order)

Ben Choice; Dan O’Brien; Shane Whitehouse; Peter Sykes;
Kevin Platz; Matt Crooks; Cody Andrews; Brayden Insley;
Abbie Prendergast; Julia Linnan; Zoe Nearhos; Casey-Leigh
Grosskopf; Maddie McCarthy; Mikeely Roberts

Shadows: Damian Leggat; Coby Ferguson; Gabby Bartlett; 
Ellen Nussey; Abi Friedrichs

Coach: Greg Lisle

Open Mixed B

(Listed in no particular order)

Alex (Alky) Hinch; Damian Leggat; Coby Ferguson; Ray Waters;
(3 more male players to be confirmed)  
Savannah Ranford; Gabby Bartlett; Ellen Nussey; Jada Ferguson
Abi Friedrichs; Ella Taylor; Chloe Smith; Tia Hinch 

Shadows: Mardi-Leigh Rolls; Jaimee Bartlett 

Coach: Savannah Ranford

Women’s 27s 

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Kelly Dyson; Ellen Gordon; Zeeta Horn; Jade Hubbard;
Megan Lynch; Jodie May; AJ Obst; Megan Schulze;
Monique Smith; Felicity Tait; Jenna Taylor; Kellie Ryan;
Jody Vedalago; Kara Wann; Melissa Whitby 

Shadows: Paige Colgrave; Jess Te Namu

Coach: Jodie May
Manager: Kellie Ryan

Should anyone require feedback about their performance at yesterday’s trials, please contact Michael McSweeney by email at [email protected]

SWQ Men’s T League Team – 2017 NTL

SWQ Touch congratulates the following players on being selected in our Men’s T League team for next year’s NTL:

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Hayden Bartlett; Jordan Bartlett; Kade Bauer;
Tyler Bickhoff; Alex Hinch; Will Hockam;
Jake Hooper; Andrew Luck; Kane O’Keefe;
Jack Ramsey; Antoine Roma; Aaron Rosin
Tom Schatz; Lachlan Watt

Coach: Chris Bartlett
Asst Coach: Aaron Rosin
Manager: Janelle Ramsey

SWQ Women’s T League Team – 2017 NTL

Congratulations to the following on being selected to play for our Women’s T League team at next year’s NTL:

Georgina Rackemann; Lauren Potter; Clare Giarola; 
Laura Gleeson; Elly Ashurst; Tegan Byrnes; Emily Ward;
Chloe Campbell; Brittney Brown; Hannah Hegedus; 
Chloe Watt; Alice Rathie; Paige Leicht; Kristen Currie; 
Zoe Webster; Zoe McLoughlin


Ella Taylor; Jada Ferguson; Katherine Connolly
Natalie Webster; Gemma Etheridge; Nikki Etheridge

Coaches: Lauren Potter and Clare Giarola
Manager: Nicole Ashurst

SWQ Coach and Manager Appointments – 2017 NTL

There have been a few changes to the divisions that we are looking to nominate for next year’s NTL and there have also been some changes to the coaching appointments within the Open Mixed division. As such, I have listed below the current coach and manager appointments for our 2017 NTL teams:

Men’s T League
Coach: Chris Bartlett
Asst Coach: Aaron Rosin
Manager: Janelle Ramsey

Women’s T League   
Coaches: Lauren Potter and Clare Giarola
Manager: Nicole Ashurst 

Open Mixed (A)            
Coach: Greg Lisle

Open Mixed (B)            
Coach: TBC

Women’s 27s                  
Coach: Jodie May

Men’s 30s                         
Coach: Murray Sturt  

Women’s 40s             
Coach: Craig Ellison

Men’s 40s
Coach:  Kev Flett

SWQ Open Mixed – 2017 NTL

SWQ Touch is pleased to announce that Greg Lisle has been appointed as the new coach of our Open Mixed A team for the 2017 NTL. However, we still require a suitably accredited coach for our Open Mixed B team and if this position is not filled by next Wednesday (2 Nov), then we will not be nominating this team for the NTL. Anyone interested in applying should contact Michael McSweeney ASAP on 0417 419 837 or by email at [email protected].

Please note that the coaches of the Open (& T League) divisions must be a minimum current Level 2 (old system) or Talent Coach accredited or working towards that accreditation. All assistant coaches must be minimum current Foundation Coach or Level 1 accredited.

Players who registered for this division have already been advised by email that the team/s will be finalised at the trial being held at the Toowoomba Touch fields on Sunday, 6 Nov, commencing at 10am. 

Results – 2016 Swans Primary All Schools

The Swans Primary All Schools tournament was held in Dalby yesterday with 27 teams from Toowoomba, Dalby, Chinchilla, Roma, Kingaroy and Tambo participating in the Boys, Girls and Mixed divisions. The weather was fantastic and the Touch played by all teams was just as good. Well done to all of the participants and congratulations to the following teams on winning their division: 

  • Boys – St Mary’s College (2)
  • Girls – The Glennie School (1)
  • Mixed – St Thomas More’s 

SWQ Touch would like to thank the teachers and coaches for giving the kids the opportunity to play at this event and special mention goes to Nicole Green who brought her team all the way from Tambo – a 7 hour drive one way. We would also like to thank the referees who once again did a great job and a big thank you to Dalby Touch for allowing us to use their facility.

The full results for each of the divisions can be found in the following document: 

Results – 2016 Swans Primary All Schools