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National Touch League

2018 Women’s T League

Congratulations to players selected in the SWQ Women’s T League team to compete at the National Touch League in Coffs Harbour next March:

Alice Rathie
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Watt
Elly Ashurst
Gabby Bartlett
Hannah Hegedus
Jada Ferguson
Kiara Taylor
Natalie Gleeson
Natalie Webster
Paige Leicht
Shae-Lee Campbell
Zoe McLoughlin
Zoe Webster

2018 Men’s T League

Congratulations to players selected in the SWQ Men’s T League team to compete at the National Touch League in Coffs Harbour next March:

Aaron Rosin
Andrew Luck
Brad Groves
Brydan Thompson
Harrison Pengilly
Hayden Bartlett
Jake Hooper
Jordan Bartlett
Kade Bauer
Kedan Chan-Tung
Lachlan Watt
Tom Eddie
Tom Schatz
Tyler Bickoff

Coach:    Chris Bartlett
Assistant Coach:  
Sam Carmody
Assistant Coach:  
Greg Lisle
Geoff Ryan

2017 National Touch League Results

SWQ Touch was well represented at the National Touch League tournament held in Coffs Harbour last week with the following 7 teams participating: 

  • Men’s T League
  • Women’s T League
  • Open Mixed A
  • Open Mixed B
  • Women’s 27s
  • Men’s 30s
  • Men’s 40s 

Our Women’s T League were the flag-bearer going through undefeated and claiming the title with an emphatic 6 – 1 win over Sydney Scorpions A. The girls played an exciting brand of touch football which is a credit to them and in particular their coaching staff, Lauren Potter and Clare Giarola. A big thank-you to Michael Baartz for the technical support he provided to the team and to Nicole Ashurst for dong a great job as the team manager. We had one other team make it to the semi-final stage, that being our Men’s 40s who put in an enormous effort only to be beaten 5 – 3 by ACT Raiders who then went on to win the grand final. A great effort by all involved! 

The finishing order for each of our teams was: 

  • Men’s T League  – 9th
  • Women’s T League – 1st
  • Open Mixed A – 5th
  • Open Mixed B – 10th
  • Women’s 27s – 7th
  • Men’s 30s – 8th
  • Men’s 40s – 4th

SWQ Touch would like to thank all of our referees, coaches, managers and players for the time and effort they put in prior to and during this event. I am sure everyone who participated had a great time, made some new friends and learned a little bit more about the game.  We would also like to thank our physios (Allie, Lauren and Hamish) who did a fantastic job looking after our players. 

For full details on the results from all divisions at the NTL and Elite 8s, please click on this link.

Photo - SWQ Women's T League


Men’s 40s Team – 2017 NTL

Congratulations to the following players on being selected in our Men’s 40s team for the 2017 NTL:

Neil Ward (C); Craig Neilan (VC); Ken Ward; Chris Neville;
Tony Klein; Shane Simmons; Mark Delaney; Michael Ashurst;
Bailey Garcha; Dave Campbell; Dave Bowtell; Michael Crook;
Greg Lisle; Kevin Flett

Shadows: Troy Adamson and Brad Young

Coach: Kev Flett
Asst Coach: Neil Ward

SWQ Touch Teams – 2017 NTL

Congratulations to the following players on being selected to represent SWQ Swans at next year’s NTL:

Open Mixed A

(Listed in no particular order)

Ben Choice; Dan O’Brien; Shane Whitehouse; Peter Sykes;
Kevin Platz; Matt Crooks; Cody Andrews; Brayden Insley;
Abbie Prendergast; Julia Linnan; Zoe Nearhos; Casey-Leigh
Grosskopf; Maddie McCarthy; Mikeely Roberts

Shadows: Damian Leggat; Coby Ferguson; Gabby Bartlett; 
Ellen Nussey; Abi Friedrichs

Coach: Greg Lisle

Open Mixed B

(Listed in no particular order)

Alex (Alky) Hinch; Damian Leggat; Coby Ferguson; Ray Waters;
(3 more male players to be confirmed)  
Savannah Ranford; Gabby Bartlett; Ellen Nussey; Jada Ferguson
Abi Friedrichs; Ella Taylor; Chloe Smith; Tia Hinch 

Shadows: Mardi-Leigh Rolls; Jaimee Bartlett 

Coach: Savannah Ranford

Women’s 27s 

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Kelly Dyson; Ellen Gordon; Zeeta Horn; Jade Hubbard;
Megan Lynch; Jodie May; AJ Obst; Megan Schulze;
Monique Smith; Felicity Tait; Jenna Taylor; Kellie Ryan;
Jody Vedalago; Kara Wann; Melissa Whitby 

Shadows: Paige Colgrave; Jess Te Namu

Coach: Jodie May
Manager: Kellie Ryan

Should anyone require feedback about their performance at yesterday’s trials, please contact Michael McSweeney by email at [email protected] 

SWQ Men’s T League Team – 2017 NTL

SWQ Touch congratulates the following players on being selected in our Men’s T League team for next year’s NTL:

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Hayden Bartlett; Jordan Bartlett; Kade Bauer;
Tyler Bickhoff; Alex Hinch; Will Hockam;
Jake Hooper; Andrew Luck; Kane O’Keefe;
Jack Ramsey; Antoine Roma; Aaron Rosin
Tom Schatz; Lachlan Watt

Coach: Chris Bartlett
Asst Coach: Aaron Rosin
Manager: Janelle Ramsey

SWQ Women’s T League Team – 2017 NTL

Congratulations to the following on being selected to play for our Women’s T League team at next year’s NTL:

Georgina Rackemann; Lauren Potter; Clare Giarola; 
Laura Gleeson; Elly Ashurst; Tegan Byrnes; Emily Ward;
Chloe Campbell; Brittney Brown; Hannah Hegedus; 
Chloe Watt; Alice Rathie; Paige Leicht; Kristen Currie; 
Zoe Webster; Zoe McLoughlin


Ella Taylor; Jada Ferguson; Katherine Connolly
Natalie Webster; Gemma Etheridge; Nikki Etheridge

Coaches: Lauren Potter and Clare Giarola
Manager: Nicole Ashurst