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State Champs (Open and Senior)

Results – 2015 State Champs

SWQ Swans had 7 teams competing at the State Champs which were held last weekend at Dolphin Oval, Redcliffe. We were fairly competitive across all of the divisions but it was only our Open Women, Women’s 20s and Women’s 35s who made it to the semi-final stage. Our Women’s 35s then progressed to the grand-final and recorded an emphatic 6 – 0 win over Sunny Coast. A great effort ladies!

Our region also had 11 referees officiating and it was great to hear that Miriam Hansen achieved an Open Level 4 upgrade and Michael del Castillo a Senior Level 4 upgrade. Congratulations to Kurtis Sankey who received the Open Encouragement award and a big thank-you to all of our referees for your efforts at this event.

SWQ Touch would like to thank all of our coaches and managers for the work they put in to their teams prior to and during the tournament. We would also like to acknowledge our physios (Felice, Carly and Ben) who provided a fantastic service for our players at the event.

Women’s 20s Training Schedule – 2015 State Champs

The training schedule for our Women’s 20s team for this year’s State Champs is as follows: 

  • 13th Sep      9am to 11am      Toowoomba Touch Fields
  • 27th Sep      9am to 11am      Toowoomba Touch Fields
  • 4th Oct         9am to 11am      Toowoomba Touch Fields
  • 18th Oct       9am to 11am      Toowoomba Touch Fields 

Players are requested to contact the coaching staff if they are unavailable to attend any of these sessions. 

SWQ Open Men’s Team – 2015 State Champs

Congratulations to the following players on being selected to play for our Open Men’s team at this year’s State Champs:

(Listed in no particular order)

  •      Josh Leisemann; Brayden Leisemann; Sam Carmody;
  •      Brendan Taylor; Jake Hooper; Shane Whitehouse;
  •      Aaron Rosin; Jake Notley; Jack Pope; Tim Mouritz;
  •      Kev Platz; Zac Alexander; Tori Edwards; Dan O Brien

Coach: Mark Leisemann; Asst Coach: Craig Ellison; Manager: Mark Rosin

SWQ Men’s 40s Team – 2015 State Champs

Congratulations to the players listed below on their selection into our Men’s 40s team for this year’s State Champs:

     (Listed in no particular order)

     Jason Ryder; Adam Richter; Tony Klein; Alex Hinch;
     Neil Ward; Gavin Ting; Peter Tindale; Michael Ryan;
     Brian Thomas, Chris Neville; Scott Pierce, Craig Neilan;
     Michael Lennon; Andrew Fox; Greg Lisle

     Shadows – Michael Ashurst and Paul Meredith

Coach: Kev Flett; Manager: Meg O’Neill

SWQ Open Women’s & Women’s 20s Teams – 2015 State Champs

SWQ Touch would like to congratulate the following players on being selected to represent the Swans at this year’s State Champs:

Open Women 

     (Listed in no particular order)

     Chloe Watt; Georgina Rackemann; Clare Giarola; Chloe
     Campbell; Olivia Goodsell; Abbie Prendergast; Elly Ashurst;
     Maddi McCarthy; Lauren Potter; Laura Gleeson; Kiara Taylor;
     Demi Hayes; Ash Kearney; Hannah Hegedus; Britt Brown 

Coach: Tammy Kavney

Women’s 20s 

     (Listed in no particular order)

     Nat Webster; Zoe Webster; Phoebe Cuskelly; Libby Ernst;
     Annika Darlington; Natalie Gleeson; Kristy Reynolds;
     Courtney Crick; Alice Rathie; Shae-Lee Campbell; Keely
     Mauch; Emily Coyne; Chloe Giddins; Chloe Crick 

Coach: Brenda Rackemann 

It would be appreciated if all of the above players could contact Michael McSweeney of SWQ Touch via email at [email protected] to confirm whether you are going to accept your position in the team.

SWQ Musters

The following teams will be finalised at the musters being held at the Toowoomba Touch complex (Kearney’s Spring) on Sunday, 9 August, from 10am to 1pm: 

2015 Open & Senior State Champs 

  • Open Men 
  • Open Women
  • Open Mixed 
  • Women’s 20s 

2015 National Youth Champs 

  • 18 Boys
  • 18 Girls

It is expected that players will attend this muster if they want to be considered for selection. If you cannot attend, please contact SWQ Touch in advance at [email protected].

Men’s T League – 2016 NTL

Players who are interested in participating in our Men’s T League team at next year’s NTL are requested to attend the above muster as this will provide us with an opportunity to put a training plan in place for that event. 

Any questions, please contact Michael McSweeney on 0417 419 837. 

SWQ Coach and Manager Appointments – 2015 Open & Senior State Champs

SWQ Touch is please to announce the following coach and manager appointments for the Open & Senior State Champs:

  • Open Men           Mark Leisemann (Coach)
  • Women’s 20s      Brenda Rackemann (Coach)
  • Women’s 27s      Jodie May (Coach)
  • Men’s 40s            Kev Flett (Coach); Meg O’Neill (Manager)
  • Men’s 50s            Graham Scott-Hunter (Coach)

Appointments to the following divisions will be announced early next week:

  • Open Women
  • Open Mixed
  • Men’s 20s
  • Women’s 35s

Details relating to musters / training runs will also be released next week.

Any questions, please contact Michael McSweeney on 0417 419 837 or by email at [email protected].